Mobile IV Therapy

Mobile IV Therapy

Scottsdale, Arizona

idrip duo 5 star reviews

“The I-Drip Duo with Niko and Shon are the best. They have years and years of experience and are friendly, efficient, effective, professional. They are fun and you feel better immediately and days after. They use the best products and have a solution for every symptom you may be experiencing. I have used them several times and it is always a pleasure. I highly recommend them. Thank you!

Zona Dona – Google Reviews

iDripDuo Mobile IV Therapy

How Do you feel ?

Tell us how you feel and we will find the perfect blend to help you as a one time or ongoing solution.


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Mobile IV Service-we come to you with no added trip charge. 

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Sit back, relax and feel better ! Look at our membership options and start saving.


what we do

Mobile IV Theraphy, we come to you and use the best blends to help you feel better.
We offer a variety of IV blends to alleviate symptoms caused by conditions like hangovers, cold, flu, migraine and many more.


Who we are

Husband Shon and wife Niko aka ‘TheDuo”

• Registered Nurse (RN) Team
20+ years of critical care experience each
• Located in South Scottsdale
• Focused on client-centered care
• Flexible availability

Why IV Therapy?

The intravenous route is the fastest delivery method because it introduces the benefits of the IV drip directly to your circulation, replacing fluids, nutrients and vitamins throughout your body.


Happy Customers

Hydration - Amber Pickett

Idrip duo has been so great to work with. They came out at the last minute to help when dehydration hit. They are professional and very friendly. They made us feel very comfortable and explained the process as they were going. It is great knowing that they are just a call away. “

Myers Cocktail + Anti Nausea IV

Niko saved the day when my friends and I got a bad stomach bug following an event. a bunch of us got sick and couldn’t keep liquids down. She was able to come to each of us in our homes and made us all feel so much better. After the “meyer’s cocktail” and anti-nausea IV I was able to eat and drink again and regain my strength. She came quickly on short notice and was very kind and made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend Niko and the iDrip Duo team. “

Myers Cocktail - Carolyn W.

” I met up with Niko and Shon at a festival and did a Meyers cocktail and I felt awesome. It was a great experience and they were so professional. I have so much energy and feel great. Phoenix dryness really makes me dehydrated and I have been feeling so good. I’m going to start doing this monthly since they said they’d come meet me at the barn in Scottsdale where I keep my horse. “

Thank you both of you.

Mobile IV Theraphy

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We Have a Drip for That …

Helping my friend, G.Y., get all hydrated for the 4th!

Next stop, the pool with her daughter!

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BBQ, beer, sun.....we are here to help you!

In honor of Independence Day, we are offering our most popular IV blend, the Myer's Cocktail, for 25% off! 💦

Offer good July 3rd-July 5th
Contact us to come to you for an individualized IV experience!

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We are proud to be a vendor at the SL Summer Expo! July 23rd 11:00-4:00

Please come see us to learn more about IV hydration and nutrient therapy.

We will have many on-site specials!
Summer IV Hydration Special:
$60-500ml bag of LR (IV fluid with electrolytes)
$75-1000ml bag of LR (IV fluid with electrolytes)
$25 Add-ons
• Zofran-nausea medicine
• Toradol (NSAID)-mild pain medicine
• Vit C-Immune booster, anti-inflammatory
• Glutathione-Antioxidant, liver detox
• B12-Sustained energy
• B-Complex-Immediate energy

All regular blends will be offered t 20%off at the expo
• Myer’s Cocktail
• Immunity Booster
• Mega Immunity Booster
• Hangover Cure
• Beauty Blend
• Migraine Blend
• Energy + Weight Loss Blend

#thescottsdaleliving #ivvitamintherapy #scottsdale #mobileivnurses #hydration

It’s that kind of Saturday….. one that brings hydration, energy, and an immune boost!

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NAD+ is a naturally occurring coenzyme that decreases significantly with age.

Replacing NAD+ can help improve your quality of life by:
-Reducing DNA damage
-Improving mental clarity
-Increasing energy levels
-Decreasing oxidative stress (aging)
-Detoxifying the liver
-Improving skin texture
-Decreasing inflammation
-Strengthening immunity

Contact the iDripDuo for your NAD+ IV infusions.

#fountainofyouth #youthfulness #antiaging #mobileivnurses #idriptherapy #biohacking

We bring you effective, fast hydration at a low cost!

$100 for a 1000ml bag of LR (fluid with electrolytes) + one add-on!

Add-on options can be:
Zofran (nausea)
Toradol (headache, joint pain)
Vit C (immune booster)
Glutathione (anti-inflammatory, liver detox)
B Complex-Energy
500ml of extra fluid

We require two IV recipients at each location for this special.

Let us help you feel your best in the heat.💦

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On vacation and not feeling so great? Contact us!

We see clients when duty calls, no matter what time of day.

We had the pleasure of serving a nice family at a beautiful Scottsdale resort a few evenings ago. The view of nearby Camelback Mountain at sunset was beautiful!

We are located right near Old Town and can quickly come to clients in the area for all their IV hydration needs.

#scottsdale #ivvitamintherapy #idriptherapy #mobileivnurse #hydrate

So our day started with a client giving us some AMAZING biscuits and gravy and ended with another client gifting us this beauty!

We love the relationships we form with our clients and treasure every moment with them.

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