IV Therapy to Help Ladies With Morning Sickness

IV Therapy to Help Ladies With Morning Sickness

iDripDuo is here to help ladies with morning sickness.

When pregnant, your body undergoes major changes that are sometimes difficult to cope with. You can feel these changes in your body, mind, and your emotions. Pregnancy symptoms can include morning sickness, one of the hardest aspects of typically the first trimester, but there are things you can do to make your pregnancy easier.

What Is Morning Sickness and what causes it?

Morning sickness (hyperemesis) can occur at any time during pregnancy, which is why it is referred to as nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Morning sickness is most common from gestational weeks 6-16 but can occur earlier and/or later. The symptoms usually peak during the times of organ development when the body is most vulnerable to chemicals and hormones. Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy typically indicates the placenta is developing properly so can be a sign of a strong pregnancy. Women who experience NVP have a lower rate of miscarriage.

Morning Sickness Symptoms

Every woman experiences different morning sickness symptoms with varying degrees of intensity. These can include:

  • Nausea: Some triggers include specific odors, spicy foods, heat, and excess salivation. However, there may be no triggers at all.
  • Vomiting and appetite loss: Hormonal changes during pregnancy may make food seem unappetizing or leave you unable to keep meals down.
  • Psychological effects: Pregnant women experiencing unrelenting morning sickness are more likely to experience depression during and after pregnancy.

Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy can profoundly impact your quality of life. It can prevent you from working, socializing and enjoying your typical daily activities. In rare cases, worsening nausea and vomiting can evolve into a diagnosis of hyperemesis gravidarum. These symptoms are the most severe as they detrimentally affect your health, and always require a doctor’s diagnosis.

Possible Causes

Doctors have yet to identify the cause of morning sickness. However, up to half of all pregnant women suffer from this condition, sharing many commonalities:

  • High hormone levels, specifically estrogen
  • Blood pressure fluctuations
  • Altered metabolism and carbohydrates
  • Significant physical and chemical changes

Before becoming pregnant, women should try to learn if they will experience morning sickness. This is a list of possible factors that could make you at risk for morning sickness:

  • You’ve had illness and vomiting in a previous pregnancy.
  • You tend to experience motion sickness.
  • You have a history of chronic migraines.
  • Morning sickness runs in your family.
  • You’re having twins.
  • You felt sick when taking contraceptives containing estrogen.
  • It’s your first pregnancy.

How to prevent morning sickness

Many pregnant women experience morning sickness, which may affect their ability to cope. Here are a few tips for dealing with NVP.
Avoid triggering smells: If an odor sets off your nausea, ask the people you live with to avoid doing things that cause it, or keep a safe distance from any known sources. Hormones enhance your sense of smell, so a scent that was once barely noticeable can become obtrusive.
Slow down: Getting out of bed slowly in the morning can help your body adjust to waking up. Sit on the side of your bed for a few minutes before getting up.
Eat small, frequent meals: Having food in your stomach can help discourage nausea, as an empty stomach usually triggers it.
Freeze your fluids: If it’s challenging to keep liquids down, freezing your drinks can keep you hydrated while giving your mouth something to focus on. It’s crucial to drink as much as you can manage. You can also chew on ice chips.
Fresh air: Getting plenty of fresh air can take you out of a nauseated state. Staying in bed for too long can inhibit getting better.
Vitamins: Vitamin B6 can significantly diminish some morning sickness symptoms. Oue IV drips deliver vitamins and nutrients directly to the bloodstream, bypassing the stomach, which is at the core of pregnant women’s morning sickness.

IV therapy for morning sickness

Most people know about IV drips, but not all the benefits of this treatment. This treatment delivers nutrients, vitamins, and medication directly to the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. IV stands for intravenous, meaning given through the veins.
Because of its growing popularity, intravenous drip therapy is becoming available in public places, such as lounges and clubs. However, if you wish to receive intravenous therapy in your home, you may opt to do so with the assistance of a mobile healthcare professional.

Pregnancy-Safe IV Therapy

IV therapy is completely safe for pregnant women as long as the IV package comes from a clinical and qualified source and the IV nurse gives the treatment.
In rare cases, pregnant women may find themselves unable to eat anything or keep any fluids down. This occurs when fluids, nutrients, and medication are delivered through an IV port. This treatment is vital for pregnant women suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum.

Morning Sickness IV

Some of the best ways to help relieve nausea and vomiting is through an IV package that contains medications for relief. For the times you feel confined to your home or find it difficult to eat or drink anything, these IV drips will help you feel better.
Any IV solution contains salt, which acts as a carrier for various vitamins and nutrients. The salt in IV solutions helps hydrate patients and replace nutrients lost during vomiting.
Because vitamin B6 can lessen the side effects of morning sickness, it is vital to add it to the package. However, it should be taken in moderation and always be formulated with the most effective dose.
Staying adequately hydrated diminishes many symptoms associated with electrolyte imbalances.
Our IV services can include medicines for nausea and vomiting, and other anti-nausea and vomiting medicines. In order to make sure pregnancy-safe IV therapy, we require a prescription, your obstetrician’s approval, or a consultation with our medical director to provide you with this.

Trying to solve a problem? We conveniently come to your location to help you feel better. If you’re feeling sick and are unable to leave your bed or home, the iDripDuo team can help relieve your symptoms quickly.
For pregnant women who are suffering from morning sickness and would like to receive treatment in the comfort of their homes, IV drip therapy is a safe, effective, and painless solution. Schedule your appointment today.