Immunity IV Drip in Scottsdale, AZ

Immunity IV Therapy Blend

Recommended: Vitamin D IM Injection-Extra charge

Our immunity IV drip was designed to give your body the tools it needs to prevent illness, stay healthy, and prevent illness. This blend replenishes important immune-enhancing vitamins and minerals.

Zinc, Vit C, and Glutathione help decrease viral replication rates, increase disease-fighting cells in the body, and decrease overall inflammation. L-Lysine has been proven to help combat viral infections. Stay healthy and prevent illness with the Immunity Booster.

• LR-IV fluid with electrolytes
• Zinc (higher dosing)
• Magnesium
• L-Lysine
• Vitamin B Complex
• Vitamin B12
• Vitamin C (higher dosing)
• Glutathione

$210/$168 Immunity Booster