Why Choose Mobile IV Hydration and Nutrient Therapy?

Why Choose Mobile IV Hydration and Nutrient Therapy

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Intravenous, or IV, forms of nutrients and fluids are more available to your body than just taking vitamin pills and drinking water. Since they are going directly into your bloodstream, and bypassing the gut, they are more available to your cells. Studies show that they are approximately 95% available for your cells to use. Basically, the cells keep what they need and then send the rest through your urinary system.

Many people have conditions that make it difficult for them to absorb nutrients or keep fluids down. Some of these conditions are: gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery, stomach “flu”, morning sickness, and more. Nutrients and fluids are important for keeping your body healthy and giving it the best chance at staying healthy. Getting IV fluids and IV nutrients is the best way to replenish what has been lost inside the body. Conditions like diarrhea, vomiting, sweating can make your body lose large amounts of fluids and key electrolytes. Many of these electrolytes are involved in important functions like influencing the heart rhythm.

If these electrolytes are too high or too low, the heart could go into an abnormal rhythm and potentially cause harm. Balanced IV fluid (contains the same electrolytes as inside your body) quickly restores normal hydration within the body. Electrolytes also play a key role in keeping fluid inside the blood vessels, making the body hold onto the fluid better. This will help your body stay hydrated longer than just drinking water. Your body is over 50% water/fluid and IV therapy is the fastest way to replace this when lost. Your time is valuable and IV therapy will help you get back to your normal self faster than any other treatment option available. Mobile IV hydration adds the benefits of comfort and convenience as fluid and nutrient levels are restored. An RN comes to your location and inserts the IV just like in the hospital setting, but you are in your familiar surroundings. Think of old-fashioned house calls-that’s what mobile IV therapy is like. Highly-skilled nurses work their magic to help you look and feel your best so you can make the most of your time.